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Course Prerequisite Policies

The following information is provided to help you plan your course of study.

  • Prerequisites for BIT courses will be strictly enforced to the extent that class roles will be checked during the semester and any student who has not completed the prerequisites will be dropped from the course without warning.
  • No BIT courses (and specifically BIT 4444 and BIT 4454) are guaranteed to be offered during the summer. Summer course offerings depend on instructor availability.
  • For DSS (option I) majors, CS 1054 (JAVA) is a prerequisite for BIT 3424; BIT 3424 is a prerequisite for BIT 3444; BIT 3444 is a prerequisite for BIT 4444; and BIT 4444 is a prerequisite for BIT 4454. Under no circumstances will students be allowed to take these courses out of sequence or simultaneously.

For information on all current BIT course prerequisites, please consult the flowchart for your option and year of graduation