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Graduate Programs

Doctoral Program

The Ph.D. in Business with a major in Business Information Technology offers several fields of study related to departmental faculty research including information technology, operations and supply chain management, and management science. Programs of study are specifically developed for the Ph.D. candidate’s particular interests and objectives from a variety of departmental, college and university graduate courses. Individuals interested in additional information about the Ph.D. with a major in Business Information Technology should contact the Department’s Graduate Programs Director, Dr. Cliff Ragsdale. Application materials and requirements can be obtained from the Graduate School.

Masters Programs

The Department of Business Information Technology currently does not award a masters degree in Business Information Technology, except as part of the pursuance of the Ph.D.

The Department of Business Information Technology participates in the Pamplin College MBA program by offering several courses. Individuals interested in the MBA from the Pamplin College should contact the College MBA Office.

The Department of Information Technology also participates in the University’s online Masters of Information Technology Program, MSBA with concentration in Business Analytics, and the Pamplin College’s Professional MBA and Executive MBA Programs.