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Career Opportunities

Decision Support Systems

The job market for graduates of the DSS option is excellent. Over 100 companies and government organizations annually interview BIT seniors. DSS graduates typically obtain jobs in the information technology field. Job titles include consultant, technical consultant, systems analyst, systems developer, network administrator, management analyst, programmer analyst, project analyst, database developer, software developer, programming consultant, information manager, applications developer, and information management consultant, among many others. The largest single type of employer of DSS option graduates is typically consulting firms such as Accenture, KPMG, CGT-AMS, Deloitte & Touche, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Booz-Allen Hamilton, among many others.  However, numerous other types of companies and organizations hire DSS graduates to work in various IT-related jobs.

Operations and Supply Chain Management

The job opportunities for OSM option graduates are also excellent.  There is a general shortage of qualified graduates in the operations management area, thus our OSM option graduates are in high-demand. OSM option graduates are sometimes hired directly into management positions but most frequently they are hired into management or staff training positions. Following training, OSM majors are typically placed into supervisory or department head positions wherein they manage and oversee specific company operations. Alternatively they may be placed into staff positions where they are involved with company-wide operational decisions.

Opportunities in the Global Services Economy

A shift is taking place in many industrialized nations from a traditional manufacturing economy to an economy that is largely based on services. With the advent of improved communication technologies, services now can be provided with a greater degree of flexibility and in a greater variety of different application areas than ever before. Both DSS and OSM graduates are very well prepared for pursuing careers in the growing global services economy.