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Academic Programs

Undergraduate Programs

The BIT Department offers two degree options for its undergraduate major in Business Information Technology.  Both options are focused on learning how to effectively use computers and analytical problem-solving techniques to support decision-making in a business environment:

Decision Support Systems Operations and Supply Chain Management
 -DSS Courses  -OSM Courses
 -Checksheets/Flowcharts  -Checksheets/Flowchart

Graduate Programs

The Department of Business Information Technology offers a flexible Ph.D. degree program that leverages faculty expertise in areas such as information technology, operations and supply chain management, and management science.

The department also participates in the MBA, Professional MBA, and Executive MBA programs sponsored by the Pamplin College of Business, as well as in Virginia Tech's online Masters of Information Technology Program.

Doctorate of Business
Masters of Business Administration Masters of Information Technology
Professional MBA Executive MBA